Multispeed Cassette

So this was what I got to after having wheels and a a front sprocket, and got awfully pretty with brass bearings and dark-metal spacers and the like for a while, and later on got holes drilled into it to match a Shimano casstette's fanciness along those lines.

There's of course my eminent favorite, the 13-sprock, who's been making it to flyer and fabric for quite a few years now, and then the whole 5-speed contraption that got dodecahedronned for the CAoS arrow-sphere. Drat, can't seem to get that one back from the data-depths...


Here's 6 out of a 7-speeder, I've not quite figured out how to manufacture the tinier screw-in less-toothed ones.

Someday I'll make the nice explode-o-view, someday. .pov file here for now.

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01.20.10 ABCdzyne