the Bicycle Chain

A few links of Sachs PC-41 were obtained in a real-world chain adjustment. It was decided that 4 objects comprise the chain:
1. an outer link
2. an inner link
3. a spacer
4. a pin

and two of each of them combine to make "one" link. A precise ruler determined exacting measurements. A cleaned-up scan of an actual link was used to "engrave" out the text stamped into the outer link

A snazzy little macro was written and loops of chain of any number of links were flying out of the renderer.

This is the smallest loop, a rigid degenerate ring if you will, made of but one link. Only useful for the *tiniest* of cogs.


The Cross of Bicycle Jesus is a religious artifact of many Seattle area cyclists.

The cruciform shape results from a two-link loop.

Buttons for links were an obvious immediate choice for animation via mouseover.

And the rings kept getting more filled with links.

And once you have one ring, why not make a whole globe full?

It is a world full of links, you know, and it's nice to have an animation that reflects that.

animation in new window - 176Kb! - c'mon graphics card!

Ah yes, loops of chain. A never-ending tunnel and a little logofication with rings spinning on three perpendicular axes.

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03.19.02 ABCdzyne