hovering thorny tyre

first, there were simpler radially laced wheels. not a lot of math involved, you just rotate the proper amount, and you're there.

and, Drat!, again, as they be falling under the bus of harddrive death.


but I'd actually real-worldly intently watched master wheebuilders, toyed with their gizmos that hold it nice and straight, trued to damn near perfection a coupla times, replaced spokes on my own and others' rides.

thorns were crucial, and predated anything but radial lacing. now there's radial lacing in the thumbnail! what happened to that... center to out, of course. have a little monologue about the thorn in the comments of the .pov files. thorns can be removed without the use of and nor mouse. a little /* .... */ should do it. play games, experiment.

so, took it upon myself to look to the everpresent lead of Sheldon Brown (RIP, brother) and figure a little math. and I did after contemplation, relaxation, and no uncertain amount of head-scratching.get my leading and trailing spokes all-a-straight. oh, and then I forget to put the nipples in.

I remember nipples before, and see some code about boxes and boxes cut by cylinders... but I mnay be imagining stuff. imagining's fun! .pov files here. I swearz there was radial lacing macros... a little help?

soon I get the cassette going...

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01.23.10 ABCdzyne