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Welcome to Dookie's Cyberworld!

This is my firstest web page (well, second if you count the text one I typed in down at the Speakeasy  with help from my nifty HTML Reference Card and a pint of  Guinness) hearkening back to late 1997 methinks.  I used to refer to it as "something I hope to endlessly enhance and make oh-so spiffy it'll rock your little world," but now I only update it when Yahoo! insists.  I moved on to fortune city  with Dead Baby Bikes stuff in like '98 or '99, and finally laid out the ducats for a domain name in early 2003, namely, that's where all DBB stuff goes now.

Stil in Seattle, Washington. How connected we become. In the past I've done some web-work for a bunch of folks.  Used to do, but no more.  Squeezed out,, and, and modify them when called upon.  Seems like has belly-upped.  

I'll tell you about me and some of my computer interests of days yore.  Stil in love wih POV-Ray.   Formed a business for web/graphic design/computer stuff, which I maintain with irregularity, see the ABCdzyne site.  Suffered some ultra-nasty hard drive crashes in November  2003, cry with me, most anything not on the web  is missing in the unreadable world.

people have seen this before you, but it was probably mostly me back in the day.  Woohoo!  Andy Hong sent the screenshot on 666 from the Dead Baby page, back when the CGI counter worked.

Last sleepless night on 01/25/04 trying to make it pretty.

Oh, the Dead Baby Bikes link contains an abundance of juvenile humor, utter nonsense, and things interpretable as off-color at best.  If you're easily disturbed just don't go there.  There's a virtual lady on the 3D graphics page, but it's just art.

Hey, turn on your speakers dammit, I've got midi's on abuncha pages that are worth the two or 3 seconds of download for the chuckles.  Don't go secret page without a soundcard. Sunburned baby did say hello, right? Should work Netscape or IE, right?

new DBB stuff since 03.03.03 located at

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Mind you, most of the pages at the above links are all old enough for 1st grade.

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ABCdzyne  01.25.04

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