aight, so far, and you should know that we're looking for *YOU* to flesh it out:...

in order of appearance:

and, first in, we have one Adam Perry with 11 pictures @
keep 'em coming kids.

and second one in, one trolf3323 with what looks like 38 pix up @
little stuttery on the image tag... but we all get excited, i've thrown that d in there myself much more than i'm willing to admit.

and where was that movie....
the firster one in at if ya like the minibike jousting
woah, this just found-- for your rockin'-sprockin' drum corps music video.

some trawled from the myspace group @:
oh, but wait, don't go there... because all of curious_cynic's pix are tagged "deadbabybikes" so you get get those included (in others'), what?, alphabetically?, into the things tagged as such @:

some random Googling yields: or was that from the Wikipedia page?

and then the Strangler gets her pix and ly'rix in: ..and I'm thinking there's another one out there, but can't seem to nail it down right yet....

the old sites are always here:

ABCdzyne 09.04.07