Race Day

hype so far located:

heather w's 101 shots
small report
disappearing pix
mc3 pix
one and two
14 shots
71 shots
stellar bloggage
cyclofuge vid
finish line movie2
tyler g's
43 shots

We didn't finagle any mention in the Stranger's Live Wire, guess we need DS's help with that. And no glorious front-page on Monday morning like last year's Seattle P-I . Did some reporter get in trouble for that? Anne Kim from the Associated Press kept e-mailing and calling folks, but still seemingly hasn't produced any press, associated or disassociatively. Saw lots of cameras and flashes, so don't hold back folks. We know they're out there.

Your pictures, emailem!

Tyler G, Bicycle Jesus bless his soul, dumped 8 megs-o-pix on [email protected] Satiddy Aug 6, mere hours after snapping them. We should all follow his example.

I remember something about a party but haven't wrote it all up.

Please correct currentest results via e-mail. And send pix *please* to back up/refute.

Some justifications for shirt numbers will soon be found here, but not quite yet. Patience...

a little help people? shoulda figured this out a little bit ago... if you've got a trophy, or know who does, send some e-mail.

results as of 08.22.05

downhill (boys) Hahn ?
downhill (girls) Maria A
longboard (boys) Squirrel
longboard (girls) that's right, the women are smarter!
trackstand what trackstand?
skid what skid?
bunny hop what bunny hop?
u-lock piņata some kiddies got some good whacks in
joust the spectators?
huffy heave what huffy heave?