Well, we suppose one could argue that it's all two-dimensional, presented to you on your computer screen, even when made from three-dimensional objects then rendered to bitmap or targa, gif or jpeg, what have you, but the main thrust of ABCdzyne's work in this realm is to produce hard-copy: yes, paperwork, hold it in your hand, pass it out to people you know, print it onto a t-shirt. All of these pieces were created at insane resolutions ready for the laser printer, 600 to 1200 dpi (or more!), shrunk for your viewing pleasure that you might get a taste of what we do without waiting for huge downloads. Click a thumbnail for an enlarged version, know that the xerox machine always gets a better copy.

advertisements for bands, beer nights, and bicycle shops
race flyers for a local annual bicycle race
miscellaneous for 1-inch buttons, t-shirts, whatever...

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