So here's a bunch of fonts I've collected (simply found elsewhere on the internet, mind you, none are mine but this one is!) over the years, and used and loved the bike-jeezus out of, for quite a long time. If anybody's upset about any of them being free-for-the-giving-away on this page as such, please contact me and I'll right quick remove anything that irks a creator, as I know myself how irked I get when I create something and people disrespect it by careless dilution or demeaning of it, or worse yet, claim it as their own. But this isn't about me, this is about making beautiful art happen, and loving the folks that help you do exactly that, and there are plenty of credits and README's and other little notes included in most of the .zip files, wherever they were there to begin with, and after a day I've got the fourth "NOTES/LINKS" column , which surely relates more than you'd ever want to know about a free font. ENJOY!
Filename Size Samples NOTES/LINKS
Berliner-Regular.ttf 55 KB bebufraa.jpg
Budapest.ttf 81 KB bebufraa.jpg
FederationTNGTitle.ttf 20 KB obviously based upon Star Trek TNG's font, but nobody's copping to tracing it off of the TV screen
Frankenstein-Regular.ttf 43 KB bebufraa.jpg Corel's version of blackletter, or Fraktur spelled badly?
TT0351M_.TTF (Clarendon Blk BT) 51 KB "considered the first registered typeface" .. LOVE park << I skated there!
I wanna know what LOVE is .. Robert Indiana sez 83 KB Vlad II Dracul that would be? or maybe Mircea I? I get what they're going for. it looks a lot better bigger it's very intricate. 16 KB you can search up "anja eliane" all you want, find Edson & Eliane, Edson E Eliane's facebook page... but nothing relevant? 24 KB after releasing -exactly 1- .psd of shirt art to AZ, Bayreuth became "the" "official" font to write "Dead Baby" with. IDIOTS 134 KB love ya Leonardo, more than even ECF, who have a speakeasy account? my first west coast webhost too! more here oddly. 30 KB this was my first use of a non-web font on a web page when I thought for a second other people might download and install it.. 20 KB good old Jason Vorhees' favorite, I needed it to mouseover from the "A new beginning" poster to this.
Friz Quadrata Regular.ttf 63 KB now, many years before L&O was ever on TV (pre-Sept 1990) I already new all about Friz Quadrata from Raymond Pettibon's prolific art for my favorite band in high school, Black Flag. I was into x-actoing out paper stencils and fabric painting onto shirts, and Testor's painting all of the bands I liked on my crappy skateboard. hehe, Variflex!
frizquad.ttf (bold) 58 KB 24 KB again with the Friday13th poster, needed some Helvetica finally. I had to spin a q around to make the b I remember, because it was free. 33 KB this might have been attempt at a "fancy" font, or maybe I did use it somewhere. oh yes, on an Xmas card! I bet Frances would approve!
roadgeek 2005 fonts

3.7 M!

You can make most every road sign with Latin letters (and all kinds of arrows and symbols) thanks to Mike the Actuary's hard work. 76 KB I needed some super-fancy text for Charity & Joy Services, and this stuff most certainly fit the bill. Ruritania has a storied (hehe) history as well. 174 KB Need a billing block? (I called it a "credit block" which doesn't search very relevantly at all!) it's time for Steel Tongs. thanks Tracer Tong! 111 KB looking for a tattoo font, I came across this, and almost used it for a shirt. warned properly by WolfbainX's © license, I kept it out of idiot baby hand$.

Inspired by DIR2HTML 1.1.0's first crack at the directory (of course it didn't produce "samples" images, or do any research or linking, or digging through of hard drives for examples of years-ago art produced) it surely opened a fine can-o-worms that kept me big-busy for a couple of days, and I wouldn't have done all this without it. I'd been looking for something like that ever since the bastard webhost stopped spitting the Apache-powered automatic directory listing when it changed ownership a coupla years ago. telling me "Forbidden You don't have permission to access on this server." instead. New idiot tech support people had me change permissions of freaking everything inside the folders, even after I had changed the folder permissions to 644. Limedomains has suffered some serious downgrading... alas... still dirt cheap, though! but "you get what you pay for" wasn't proven for many years.

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