The Dead Baby Royal Court

This is the court of Dead Baby.  There's the king, Dave, Dave, he owns the shop and knows the bartenders the best next door.hornbutt.jpg (1647 bytes)

And what would a king be without the queen,Amiect, Cody, she's queenie because she knows the Hard Times bike club in Minneapolis, but she says that's not the real reason, that being she has the tallest sissy-bar in all Seattle.   And well, she's Dave's girlfriend.hornbutt.jpg (1647 bytes)

There's Bubbles, Bubbs.jpg (3314 bytes), he's the Sargeant-at-Arms, I think, because look at the guy, thug city.  He always wanted to be a big-breasted stripper, but went for cooking instead.  This guy can make hang-over breakfast with the best of them.  hornbutt

  There's Katye,Katye, she's our token out-of-stater.  What's she?  Like the secretary or something less ill-connotated.  Archivist or something?  In her own words "the Historical Consort for the club, take that as you will..."

Now, these guys are all getting old so we thought we best get some young blood running through the club, so there's Dan, Daniel.jpg (2751 bytes), he plays in Dave's band, works next door, and just built the chopper with the longest forks, so I guess he's in. Oh, but his forks bent, ohhhh. But from them, a new chopper is born. Dan welded some bitchin' long forks.  hornbutt

He holds the rank of Bishop in club hierarchy.

And of course, no court would be complete without a jester, Dookie. Dook  Heehee.  Hey, those are my old glasses! hornbutt.jpg (1647 bytes)


Others are regulars about the clubhouse. Sticks and stones, the jester moans.  Here's DJ, djct.jpg (3172 bytes):hornbutt.jpg (1647 bytes) , Carrie Carriect.jpg (3301 bytes) , Tom  Tomcourt.jpg (3050 bytes), Bert ,. and Chris. Ed, Eric and some elseren resist photography like Moslem.

This is the club hound, Einstien. He is considerably larger now.

We are unflaggingly on the lookout for new members, especially mamas as an affirmative action kind of thing, Queenie hates hangin around with mostly boys, but is getting used to it.  So submit your ,failing testimony of worthiness so we might mock it at the next meeting. 

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