Fall Fashion Photo Shoot

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This is the mascot of Sissy.  Nice spike, eh?    Her arm fell off, c'est la morte?



Someday Levi's or Mountain Dew or Calvin Klein will call us for the big photo shoot, let us hob-nob with supermodels, zip up their dresses, powder their... but  I digress, bike phreaks like the spotlight too. 



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This is  the king.  Most of those tires down below have all their spokes and good tube and rubber.  There's tires to the left and right all cropped to bring you the resolution he deserves, but all ready to fill with air and send you on your way.  Dave's got an awful lot of tires.  And look at the frames!  Up there on the shelf there's frames galore over to the right....


flame-blk.gif (21465 bytes)Dj&aw.jpg (30362 bytes) Sometimes one must think.  Now DJ being our Road Captain has s lots of things to think about, but Calvin said, "Think ah-bout how byoo-tifull you ahhre..." and this is all DJ could come up with.
Rapunzel, Rapunzel.... This is me, Dookie, with my evil twin Bubbles.  Nice pinky Bubbs.  Somebody said something about pinkies and Bubbs laughed more, I tried to look all sad and despondent for my generation X friends.  Nice flames, on the fork I mean, all around I suppose.

flame-blk.gif (21465 bytes)

Maybe when Bubbs gets back we can finish the gingerbread house, he being the current champion of sugar in the club.

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And soon to buy more film we are, now that Geocities gave us another meg,  Safeway's got cheap developing over the holidays you know.  Happy New Year!


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