All about tricycles that refuse to work more than one ride, antique-y rides, unicycles, and the seemingly female bent toward big sissy bars.  These bikes are relatively un-modified.

The Western Flyer

Wflyer.jpg (30953 bytes)   wfhappy.jpg (37971 bytes)

     The Western Flyer is both pretty and pink.  It has received new tires dues to a tragedy, toughening it for urban assault.  Bike buddy Basket Case rides proud on the bars.  Cool tank.

Sissy, our Queen's steed

A&s.jpg (52128 bytes)   A&s2.jpg (26676 bytes)

     Sissy has such a long sissy-bar it is impossible to capture in 4x6 prints. So tall, it has been known to conflict with T-001 in a challenge for dominance.   Of German construction, apparently.  The front fork springs, while most beautiful, are sadly non-functioning.  The cup-holder is for the longer rides where refreshment is key.

Trike 1

tribroke.jpg (54051 bytes)

     Our first trike has never transported a keg, and for this we are the sorriest lot.  Here's a picture of it with the chain a-dangling in need of repair.  It seems you must bang the chain out of the ancient soup-can constuction to make it function again.  It proudly rode in Halloween's Critical Mass with masked rider, tho.  Notice the Squirt in the foreground, a lubricant quintessential to bike manufacture.  More later.


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