dead baby bikes official merch. dammit.

the Last (so far) Greatest T-shirt Printed by Loving Art & Humankind!

100% cotton "natural" unbleached T-shirt in S, M. L, or XL

all proceeds go to make "more beautiful art" in whatever order pleases you most

in the day where you could pay and print the better shirts and get your glasses broken and beat down for it

10 bux

SELECT Adult T-shirt SIZE


this test has worked fabulously for a few years, even changing hosts. yea PayPal!.

or you can always, always send a nice e-mail to and how you'll meet me at the race with $10, and we won't pay those PayPal bastards their fiddy-nine cent.

y'all might need to buy some pretty suff before you can make any yourselves?

or are these in the way of selling shit shirts? well, this'll be only the fourth shame...