Adrian G
aka: AG, Brown Suede III, A2tMFG, Homeboy

Quigley pic anyone?..

I had a vision of bikes in the sky and clouds filled with beer, you know, spirit of cloud and heart of wind type shit......then I woke up. I crawled out of bed and worked on my bike for a while...

  • I can't remember all the repairs, cracked knuckles, successes, failures, etc.

Turn Ons: Cheap beer, cold (add word here), and warm summer evening bikin and boozin with my friends.

Turn Offs: The cops. Flat tires. Mechanical failures. And an empty wallet.

Zodiacal Info: 01.22.71

Links: I won't say...., I can't say....

Dead Baby Number: 122

ABCdzyne 03.06.06