Chris Q
aka: hey you, ummm,hey, uhhh, excuse me, the Ovalizer, Principal, Quiggles, Mr. Megaphone

a rare pre-facial hair picture..

Heralded as not only the world's tallest midget but its smartest idiot as well, this breed of DBB is often mistaken for a homeless man, sniping smokes and sparechangin'. Except when he shaves. Can be seen riding choppers all over the city, not just on ride nites.

  • picadilly express 

  • ovalizer

  • long and short of it

  • taiwanasaurus rex

  • rodneysio

  • knight in white satin

  • Socko's buildin' the Missionary and it was my idea! Do you hear me? Mine!!! I have all the broken bikes at my house. 

Turn Ons: crack of dawn, Chalo's bikes

Turn Offs: I'm always on dammit.

Zodiacal Info:/cusp,  05.20.68


Dead Baby Number: 1 dammit

ABCdzyne 03.06.06