aka DJ asswell, Capn' DJ, Hey You

Ow, my banana seat.

A mechanically inclined carrot top from the east coast. Has been known to play drums in various local bands, currently a member of Audio Infidels. Prefers old technology to the new crap. Likes iron and steel more than titanium and poly-carbon-composite-what-a-load-of-crap!!!

BIKES: Asswipe, Salsa(with drinking fountain), Purple Penatrator, Blue Healer, ect....

Turn Ons:
Whiskey, weed, women, Sturmey Archer, Schwinn, Mopar, ...

Turn Offs:
Drama queen's, ego's (not Eggo's), bullies, mouth breathers, hippies(eewwww)

Zodiacal Info:

DB Number: 1111

ABCdzyne 03.06.06