Eddie M

Eddie M, the second of the Eddies.

Likes Bikes Beer & Babes

  • Black Bike: 1970's Schwinn My Fair Lady sex change. Turned girlz bike upside down, raked and fabricated into chopper. (7) speed Saks coaster brake, ape hangers, banna seat & 26" wheels.
  • Blue Bike: 1970's Schwinn Suburban sex change. Same operation as above with (3) speed Sturmey & hand brake.
  • Kruiser: Aluminum 1990's Trek Fastback rearend change. Replaced origanal rear drop outs with waterjet cut flame drop outs.

Turn Ons: Firm Seats

Turn Offs: Loose Cranks


Zodiacal Info: 11/18/69

DB Number: 151

ABCdzyne 03.06.06