Ian S
aka: Yeti, E , Dookie's nephew, Cully's twin

I pump, you UP!.

Well one day I was thinking about myself and maby blurbing in 256 characters or less.
Hmmm ... .... I kick ass! ... and maby I am just a little cooler than your mom. .... well thats about it hmmm ... .... .... not quite yet ... ... ... OK now I am done.

  • GASTXER - super cool tall-bike with a cooler 
    Its a motherplucking champieeen (the best tall-bike in oregon 2004)

  • THE FO-DALLA-CHOPPA - not so cool but its only fo-dallas like $4.00


Turn Ons: Sexy ladys, all the good bits, day's off, and you baby

Turn Offs: Un-sexy ladys, all the bad bits, work days, and not you baby

Zodiacal Info: RAM TOUGH BABY! 04.15.74


Dead Baby Number: 15

umm maby fhqwhagads? OR a fricken ray gun! SMASH

if you give me your CC# and if your over 18 maby more

ABCdzyne 03.06.06