Jake H
aka Lady Jake, Jocelyn

Jake won Dead Baby Downhill VII

I was impressed into this motley crew of rogue cyclists, and i've loved (almost) every minute of it!
Self-appointed High Priestess.  Consort of the delicious Eddie Silvetti.  Denizen of the Crow's Nest (w/ ES & SC)

for now there is only Wanda, the sassy white & blue cruiser passed down to me from Victor-E via Doc.  '67 Sears&Roebuck issue Fleetwing cruiser

Turn Ons: Dancing with my boyfriend. Rain. Cascadia. England (land of my birth). Kali (Jai Ma!). Reading.  NYT crossword. Intelligent conversation! Complexity.

Turn Offs: The Universal "He", Hummers. Patriarchal monotheism. "Good vs. Evil"

Zodiacal Info: Leo 08.11.71

Links: Vancouver BC is the jewel in the crown.  Plus the webmistress's blog is hilarious.
I >heart< the Kaiser!

Dead Baby Number: 911

Words to Live By (if yer me):
"Truth is metaphor & metaphor is truth"
"Embrace paradox!"

ABCdzyne 03.06.06