Justin S
aka Shu, Shufellater, Canadian, College Boy

witty caption!

courierbaby, wrenchbaby, tallbike jouster
Full color member since 1999...
prospects = Jason E, Nick F
prospector = Eddie the Machete

  • TENSPEED "Seat post special" Schwinn varsity - no welds on my fork...

  • Tall bike 004 - the triangular chainline will never work!

  • the turdscout's seat - made from scraps found on spokane street after dookie broke it... 

  • numerous rebuilds of tallbikes - i lost track, but I've fixed all of them at one point or another.

  • DBB polobike - twobrakes, one lever, retired to the pile

seat post special T 004 turdscout DBB polo bike

Turn Ons: my wife

Turn Offs: you

Zodiacal Info:Virgo snake 09.05.77


Dead Baby Number: whoever stole my shirt last year better fess up - official 77!

ABCdzyne 03.06.06