Nick D
aka Dick Nail, darling, Nikko, Sweet Neeks, Scruffy Cute


laid back, gettin' back on the rides....
yo. i be there... i don't be there... i do care... Let's ride, fools...

I have xxilt/moxxied/owned/misconstructed these bikes, which all have their own pxxes. You can loxxxx xxx  cking on the links bexxxw. I can say cooler shit here, onc xxx ople haxx xxred the lay of the land. Why, they are differxx xxs. Talk here.

Turn Ons: strength, stamina, brains, beauty, bikes

Turn Offs: You'll know... Cuz I will tell you when you be turning me off...

Zodiacal Info:, 03/18

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DBB Number: 119

ABCdzyne 03.06.06