shea w memorial tat 08
Shea B

Shea B
aka Butter, Super Man, By-By, Stinky, Nolincoln, Sleepy, Grumpy, Doc, Sneezy, Preeny, Shiny, Sir SpanxALot, Sabre, Queen moTherapy..

Jack of All trades and master of Some.
or, Jack off all tirades, masturbate some.
I have built/modified/owned/misconstructed these bikes:

i think i gotta pitcher a that one... no, no, I know a got that picture... oh, maybe the hard drive...
777 Bolt up ovalizer 7 bolts,7 Dollas, 7 hours.
Bernice The Triple Tall Beast
Lost but not forgotten Swing Chopper...I hope They're Riding it
Where's the pictures?

Turn Ons: Hot bods, tattoos, Banter and ohhh yeah baby ... Hot, Home Made Bikes Baby

Turn Offs: Stuck up people, electric bikes, theft and Pista's

Zodiacal Info: 05.10

DB Number: 777 datripsebbns

I'm Big In Japan

and I'm big in the WORLD!! and this is whatcha get when you only do it with half a heart, whole-heartedly pleeyuz!

ABCdzyne 08.20.08