Terry O
aka Gerald, Evil Disney

monkeying it up

Beer Drinking Pot Smoking Fool
It all started in Portland with the two wheeled terrorist that some kind baby removed from a garbage can and placed in my possesion.  First tall bike I built was the Giant/Motive, worked out well.  But I am the Man behind "my little pony"or also known as "the tricerataps" (keg Bike)


Turn Ons: Lynard Skynyrd, pom-pom, Tailgating,  anything deepfried. ,SnaponTools, DrumBreaks, and 

Turn Offs: Gas Stations, Evil Oil Emperors

Zodiacal Info: 01.19.74


Dead Baby Number: 71

One Day wish to fly, wish to fly by bicycle, one day then will die....

ABCdzyne 03.06.06