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Carefully link'd shouts out to most of those who helped: Bob Wayne and the Outlaw Carnies, .357 String Band, Cancer Rising, Macklemore, JFK, Mr. Hill, Lesbian, Guardian Alien, Left Hand Army, March Fourth, Imperial Legions of Rome, Abject, The Circus in Your Town, Heavy Guerrilla, Hell Track BMX, The Bicycle Belles, The Sprockettes, Cyclecide and their pedal powered amusement rides, Jake, Rose, The Piston Packin' Mama's, Bike Calendar Girls, Counterbalance Bicycles, Mobius Cycle, Seattle Alley Cats, Shorty's, 2020 Cycle, Heffe, FreeRange Cycles, the 9lb Hammer, Georgetown Liquor Company, The Bit Saloon, The Station, Harvey's Bike Shop, Anchor Tattoo, Artcore Studios, Super Genius Tattoo, Rick Klu, Dropout BC, Zoo Bomb, Chi, Justin Toxicated and the boys, the Beer Guys (they know who they are, and so should you!), those who donated time and effort, anybody we're forgetting, everyone who attended "the Greatest Party Known to Humankind" and of course Phinney Ridge and Ballard.
the Giant List of Hype
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aight, so far, and you should know that we're looking for *YOU* to flesh it out:...
and Carrie Anne still hasn't figured it out, so others stuck as such should try something like these....
Googling "image hosting"

please upload your own images, because Dookie's only got dial-up, so please don't e-mail them to him to retrieve and subsequently upload, in other words tripling the throughput of you doing it yourself, not to mention driving Dookie ka-razy! you can do it! Remember, Bicycle Jesus helps those who help themselves.

do, of course e-mail the link when you've figured it out, or ask for hand-holding should you need help.

the old sites are always here:

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