Tales from Preregistration

The t-shirt team somehow manages to produce more and more shirts every year, with varying degrees of time left before the race. In 2004 it was about a half an hour. The incredibly unneccessary (yet most dear and wonderful) process of individually numbering each shirt takes a whole heckuva lot of time and.effort, which you'll never understand unless you're involved with it. And occasionally we screw something up, get the wrong size, print a little extra ink, smoosh shit, or even give the shirt to somebody else at the start, but heck, we are only human, and very tired from the whole process. Please forgive us.
In an effort to keep our sanity through production, we like to know why a particular number is important to you. You are asked in pre-registration to provide a little tale about your specific predilection, so that we might share them over the long hours of squeegee pulling. Following are a bunch from 2004.

sexy shirt...sexy number... one will never find 166 in quantities...

i had this great story, long and annoying to type, thus even harder to read. then i clicked on submit and your popup box made me second guess myself, so i clicked on cancel to do some checking. and of course the entire thing was deleteed. sigh...?!?! if you need to hear the story just ask. its not that good.

This is the number I was issued last year when I registered at the BHP.  I'd like to run it again...plus it's my size (2xl).

the number i want is 616 because the sixth letter of the alphabet is f(for face) and the 16th is p(for plant)so face plant...cause that's what i did friday..

I like threes

i should have the # 0, because i am a true nihlist...i believe in nothing, zip, ZERO........NADA!!!...except for life and love baby....and moreso, because i've had more often than any other sucka!  ....and if i haven't, it's because some other sucka got in there and weasled it out of you great, great peeps on bikes!  i luve ya!  come drink at the Hideaway.  I'll give ya'll happy hour prices when you have events or meetings here!  just be sure to organize it w/ me ahead of time and make sure your babes and boys have your tees or patches to prove your pro-dead baby bikes!  party on!!!

His B-day falls on the 26th and so does his Grandma's.  It was the # of the house he grew up in.  It's his grandma's and pop's wedding anniversary date. The # he wore in little league hockey, since he was 5.  And that he wants to race this year and won't race under any other #.
I think he should get it, because he's served the DB crew well over 26 million drinks in the past few years alone....hehe..
let us know!

I was born on 7/2/72 and my boyfriend is Matt Ryan so there

i am lady jake and i won last year (huzzah) p.s.  i am a member of maidencourt

i had it last year

cuz, like it's the year i was born and i am older than you!


cuz it's my number fool!

Do we really have to go through bull shit explanations again this year?

i grew up in vermont and I gots to represent

it's mine dammittttt

it was the best year of my life

becuase I had sqrt(-1) last year

I apologize profusely. I didn't read the info about the name  completely. I still say I deserve it because it has always been my D.B. Race Number!

It is the number of me I won with this number in 2001, thus totally upsetting the competition. To bestow the no. 180 upon any other person would be to upset the cosmic balance of chaos and send Loki after your poor ass. Plus I will give you cash tommorow

i want an XL shirt.  PLEEZ.  And nikki likes small shirts maybe like a little kids size large or youth or some shit like that.  you know girls.  again, pleeeez and thank you

nothing to exciting just a weird number that pops up everywhere.  I am little, I need a kids large t-shirt.

if you could get me a hoodie along with the t shirt i'll kick you down a few bones

Karli K said she would swap for #313. I had 113 2 yrs ago and it would be really special for me to have it again. I like rainbows and hearts too. I have a big collection of beany babies-would you like to see it? You really are a special person and you are nice too! Thanks!

...a wonderous illumination of the Universe through the magic of numbers...

i own the rope

I have had three shirts with this number, and a licence to kill.

i'm going to fly up thursday nite the night before, and return that sunday night. i want my number, no. 737. i'll be paying up when i get there. i hope my past history of takin' care of biz at the race itself will be enough to convince you to make the shirt. i'll be there. if i'm not, take it up with my lil bruvva.
see you's there!!!!

my big bro kicks ars and he says that I can have this # if I pray to bicycle Jesus, Real nice like

no one else wants it

I am almost totally fucking positive i had it last year.  and i'm a beacon bitch.  shpladow!

Well, I think I should have this number because I was born in 1979 and since you don't have the number 1979, and you won't let me have my phone number as my number, I want 179!!!! :) Please?

cause it's my kids birthday and he's rad.

beacon bitches rule

nobody else has this number

It's the right size, it's an easy # to remember on gameday and I'm fuckn' lazy.


Thats the date im getting married, if I survive this race


suddenly (dun dun dunnnn)I got awfully confused over a simple thing:  I picked two numbers (105 and 103) off the list, then thought maybe those numbers are taken since they're already ON the list and assigned sizes...SO...maybe I fucked it up, can you get back to me to let me know?

'Cause I'm a Stone Cold Ma' Fuckin' Biccle gangsta, an' I'll murder you in cold blood in broad daylight if I don't gets my number.
Just Fooling!  Hook it up please, Yo!

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