And the bottle floated up, up, up upon the oily banks of the Duwamish, and it was there that they found the map to nearby.

are we goin?  I don't know.  When will we get there? I ain't certain.


Harbor Island hunh?

. new dbb hq .
. 3601 Marginal Place SW . Seattle . USA .

A club house now exists in reality, and has been paying rent since late 2004.
Hairpin left if by bicycle, right if by car, when traveling west over the West Seattle Bridge (lower!).  It's only tough the first time.  Look for junker cars, oddly enough.

Sadly, picture taken before BabyBall™ seat installation.

egular gatherings occur Sunday afternoons, wherein people construct stuff, barbecue stuff, make decisions and take notes, play a little BabyBall™, shoot the shit, empty some aluminum, burn some stuff, and generally eat drink and be merry.  Sundays built the wall, silver skinned it, windowed it, and hung and hardwared the doors.  Y'all should come by y'hear?

It'd be nice to be able to ride your bike in/out along the wall and through the left door.  And not have so many leaky engines.  Keep wishing.

Window needs Bicycle Jesus "stained glass".

here is lots of crap piled there, but little bike building activity as of  late, wrenching limited mainly to repair to road reliability.  All that old crap is still around.  That brake lever you pulled off your Huffy?  In there.

A bike stand and truing stand are both installed and operable.  There are some tools around you can use as long as you put them the fuck back before you leave.  Parts exist in varying degrees of freeness, enough to Frankenstein a whole bike probably.  What are you waiting for, Prospect?

Hammering is as always allowed and encouraged.  Lay off the saw until you know what you're doing, though.

brake it down...  fork yeaaaahh...

Sometimes we meet here for the ride the first Friday of each month, every freakin' month, for like 7 years, sometimes not.  We will  however somehow predetermine our start point, and disseminate said starting point not too damn soon before, that always being the argument/reasoning pre-ride. If you're lucky you might get a phone call, maybe we'll tell you here on the web beforehand. Whaddya think this is organized? Know that it happens without fail.

Most all of us lived in Seattle before, and many still do, so that's where we ride. The Albuequerque chapter has mostly relocated to Denver, I hear, so if you're there try and find them.

Persistence rewards.