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seldin.htm - the Seldin Retractor

you can click any of these to get 1600x900px gruesome versions of them, but I was good on the cleaning boogers that day so don't bother if you're looking for snot

well, OK. after due diligencing "Seldin" for a good long time in all the nooks and crannies of the internet I'm familiar with, I didn't come up with any very wonderful stuff (there are some dentists named Seldin, for sure, plenty of places you can get "his" type of retractor...) but it all comes down to not being a really earth-shattering innovation in "retractor" science and/or technology, since as tooling, they just aren't that special at all. (well, to me, if you think retractors are "all that", we'll just have to disagree.)


"a simple handheld steel tool possessing a curved, hooked, or angled blade fitted with a comfortable handle"

Sabra Dental has a wide array of Seldin Retractors available. Not remembering why I was all into the #23's, I read they were the recommended ones somewhere maybe? A Michael Jordan thing? Only $63.
I don't know about you, but I can buy a awful lot of stainless-steel butter-knives for $63.
doesn't that say "Central" all tiny? can't find it...
"Discounts for Dentists" right? I swore I had a wee text file with all these links writ down in it...
And of course, looking at all these retractors, one can't help but notice similarities to a bicycle tire lever, none more gorgeous and all-American as the Park Tool TL-5. $15 for two, plus shipping.
Or one could go to the dollar store, if you don't want to spring for Park Tools, $1.06 in PA with tax. Not to mention, the kit's got a tube of glue, some patches, and that little roughener stamped square of metal too!