8.1.97 I

8.7.98 II

III 8.6.99

IV 8.4.0

V 8.3.1

VI 8.2.2

VII 8.1.3

VIII 8.6.4

IX 8.5.5

X 8.4.6

XI 8.3.7

XII 8.1.8

copyright ABCdzyne 24 Apr 2014

is that it? is that all I've got? 7 and 8's webpage had to be properly me/reinstated before I linked to it... thinks everything's back now... 5 and 6? 10? hmmm....


just a little time with the calendar, and I got 12 dates! the first Friday goes back one from last year's first friday date. unless of corpse it's leap year, when it goes back 2 dates.

mmm I lika dem t-shirts. y'know, a lot. they are supposed to be art, pretty, "creative" and fun, and oh my BJ something more than a way to turn $5 into 10. it's hard to labor with love when there's no love. when everything you do is always hated as the biggest pain in the ass and a substantial amount of skin off of it, it's hard to enjoy it.

oh boy, that's my third dead person. and I can't remember at this time who JB was in 2001. anyone? he/she made the shirt, and I'm gonna be sad when I remember, so please do tell.

wuh-boy. don't let this babble ever be misconstrued like it was today.

and wait for the yell up the stairs while you're death-grip-adjusting that mouse by a pixel, which alarms you, scares you where you cry out, and get heartily laughed at. is it because you actually thought you could concentrate and nimbly adjust in some form of silence? or that it's so damn easy to break any concentration you might possibly muster? how could you possibly be doing anything that required focus, without 2 radios loudly on (sometimes on the same station at least), maybe a TV, while you read a book, or other inane, unproductive chatter? "I multitask!"... right, you have the ability to ignore lots of things, while accomplishing none. the wind is nice out the window (it's windy in the spring, we all know), not too noisy, and dare I say enjoyable. happy spring folks, that year VIII is a piece of shit, and I needed a day with irritants out, and almost got it before the upload.

X is sweet. Rick Griffin'd like that I bet. I have this athletic heather that's 50/50, and the print's like a freakin' transfer. IX got me into it after a healthy break post-8. damn that sucked. do you know why that English guy gets spokes in his belly on the Grey's Anatomy pilot? I do... year IX shirts. I'd done that for VIII, but it printed like shit.

damn Bill Lee, I bet you liked that chick on the back of 11.. this one fully goes to eleven as of this morning... and I wept my tears about finishing when I haven't really scratched the surface with this "new" stuff. I've only got the front, and no lifecam shots for 12 yet, but the folder's there! I can drag the rest out forever, and surely get a nod to cranky in there.

I love you cranky, you're next. at my side as we speak, an' fuck those silly numbers. not sad about getting the sleevies up there, and my double flying squeegee? thanks? for all you've done? for me? little sad I finished the 12 years (only 11 and a little actually) jess now. there's plenty more t-shirts, on both sides amd inbetween even. done today, but ne'er over.