and why you love her
(and not just because she loves you)

ok, this is super-rudimentary right now, here's a real big one here, if you want to mock my fill techniques, I've got actual transpencies back in PA in an art box, and surely a huge-resolution scan of the outline stuck on the big drive, but I just didn't want a homepage link going nowhere, because there's already the AND/OR button for that... hey, I could just put a link to the and/or Photobucket folder in for that!! that'd be easy, I'm FTPing here all morning... that'd be easy.

got the resume moved back to the west coast, in both .htm and almost a .pdf, but old PageMaker 6.5 is going to need a little more love until she gives that up again, and then simple stoopid browser-readable/bot-foiling "encryption" (if you can call it that, even)... just glad I've got the link to the t-shirt page up on the index page now...

so right, flying squeegee. flying squeegee likes to go fast, look at the size of those wings! well, she likes to make sure all the ducks are in a row, a couple of times usually, and start out slow, but then when everything's working slowly, the only thing to do is go FASTER, dwell to 0 if it isn't already being slowed done for the smoothest flattest white plate ever... and I know how you're all frightened "he's condoning just going crazy fast!!" but you can never go fast enough for long enough EVER to not bear the wrath of flying squeegee should you ever misprint, because boy oh boy, you were trying to go too fast too soon. it's a delicate balance, the plane tries taxi-ing, backwards even, before it ever gets close to the runway for takeoff, where everything's been quintuply checked at least, before you go fast and start flying, right? there'll be plenty of time to run around the press and fine-fiddle with airflow once you've got the taxi-ing down... flying squeegee DOES NOT LIKE misprints one single bit, or not giving a damn about quality in the interest of speed. a half-assed print doesn't make her happy, the printer happy, or the customer, so JUST DON'T DO IT!

more on this later... links to a nice dozen shirts I've done, and here's some nice 4-color process.

flying squeegee has positive mental attitude, which is always a good thing, and appreciates skills, patience, and thinking things through, equally. just like Russell Wilson!

copyright ABCdzyne
23 May 2014