3d animation
and some mouseovers, too.

Ok, the secret's out. If you've built a 3d object, you can spin it aroung quite easily with a simple little loop of code, a couple minutes of rendering, some transparentizing with a batch conversion, and a little "stich it all together" into a .gif file. See the cross above, rotating a whole bloody 360 degrees around what turned about to be the y-axis in that render. If you use the clock variable to rotate your object(s) when you're placing them in your scene, all the additional bit-o-text you'll need is a little animation "code" for the renderer to read in the .ini file, like

//a little scrap for QUICKRES.INI or your own .INI

[7anime16x9 960x540 AA 0.3]
Initial_Frame = 1
Final_Frame = 7

and with a little inspection of that (and some POV-help reading) you can see how to make an .ini scrap for any size image, with as much antialiasing as you like, however many frames you need it to be.

round and round...

mouseover skullrings to
activate animations

what goes around comes around...

I used skulanim.pov (and skullobj.pov fetched from within it) to make the two animations above. And hey, that's what I mean by mouseovers. In these examples, a static image is displayed unless there's a mouseover event to display the animation. Careful inspection of this page's source will show how that works, it's not too tricky, Realize the image swap code javascript up high in the <body> of the HTML is getting triggered/called by mousing over the images in their places on the page.

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