I've been working on the skull for quite some time now. Lessee, the first one I've got a date on is... well, that one pictured above was -loooong- ago (last millenium?), don't think that one's around anymore, that brow is kind of effed up anyway, and he's only got about half his teeth, can we get a cheekbone?... Don't get me laughing about that nose-hole, eh?

Ok, I suppose I got it all sculpted to my likings (at the time) somewhere in 2004, this being between March and 11Nov from what I was naming the .pov files. Guess the early flailings have hidden themselves from further embarrassment.

Wanted to make a big stack of 'em all Indiana Jones style, y'know. There's a little random rotation going on for each of these guys, both side-to-side and up-and-down, because rigorous precise mathematical placement made it look even more artificial. I think I scaled them a random little bit, too.

stacks, rows, columns, rings... whatever you need.

a brief history of ABCdzyne 3d Skull Manufacture from March 2004-present

Alrighty then, lets make a proper brow, and a proper nose-hole. Cut off those silly forehead pimples like atop the page, we need a new approach. And fix the orthodontia! So, cheekbones shall be a superellipsoid. Superellipsoids are defined in terms of "roundness," from sphere to cube with all the "bar of soap" objects inbetween. Should provide some nice glazzie mounts. Nice nose-hole! Teeth lined up. Leetle too insectile.
Cut out some temple muscle fastening holes, mmm, a simple superellipsoid just ain't gonna do. Got the teeth straight, if not a little too huge. Who said beaver? But we really should get the facial bones a little more realistic, no? Slide the cheekbone(s) down, add some torus eyebrow bones, a unibrow, and get all those little nose vaulted ceilings in, without the overhang... Stay away from the clock! (no teeth, right?)
Righty, right, drill some holes in it... liking using spheres to drill temple holes. Howzabout a nice pink skinsack over it? Probbly need some musculature under that, not just a scaling up like this. Save that for later, we're making skulls here.

Woohoo! Add some flamy background effects! Have been calling this one good for 5+ years, and she's served me well. Of corpse, it's never done. Should suck that nose-roof in a bit, maybe tilt it down a little, unsharpen the temples, and for gosh-sakes take the choppers down a notch one of these days. Different from the side, no? Good temple muscle hole, though.

Something like that, right?


the .pov files for the skull as I hinted to above, but the damn server won't show you an index anymore!!


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