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Race Day 1999


It was a warm midsummers evening, a welcome respite from the blazing heat of the week preceeding. Bicycle enthusiasts from quite a few walks of life slowly congregated high atop Cacpitol Hill. The Breakroom, 1325 East Madison, to be most exact. The shirts were gone enough by oh, say a little after eight. Pre-race ethanol-infused icy cold muscle relaxant was enjoyed by some.

What's with all the bicycles?

These gentlemen await the alleycat race.
The usual confusion ensued as to the start. Huh? Over where? Bags were packed and slung, clean shirts were donned, and nails were given a precise, final, last-minute trimming.
To ensure a neat and clean start, it is most efficient to pile into a somewhat enclosed space. The pizza place across the street boasts a spacious parking area, ready to crowd an impressive phalanx of beasties of the two-wheeled breeds.

Hill to Base: racers into the box!

Hey, where's your bike?

Are these the timid, or the wise? At least the first figurers of the timely move to the parking lot. That's where you can "make your move."
There is jostling, jockeying, and an abundance of good-natured elbow rubbing. Here's where people start wondering whether the officials know what they're doing. And time for safety first.

I have my magic hel-met!

the Head of the Snarling Hordebeast

And as far as the eye could see, bicycles. All kindsa beautiful bicycles. Mountain bikes, road bikes, rearing-up bikes, and 20-inchers all peacefully coexistant. Aaaah. Time for a bomb.
Hill to Base: Bomb in hand.

The cars will let it pass, astonished.

Hill to Base: Our package is ready for delivery, it is marked RUSH.


start the lighter... a cloud of smoke and a deafening boom
the babies released from on-high womb


Hi Ho Dead Babies, away!



Coming Soon!!
the start of the
alley-cat, closer to the finishes, the actual finishes, the party, the drunkennesses, other grimness, the trackstand contest, the skid, many many sound bites, pictures of your friends, boys and girls, sweet machine pix, and the glorious Heaving of the Huffy



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