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That's what you do?

Well let's see. We do like bicycles, alot. And other things that run on wheels under human-power. And we like riding them, about as much as making them, far more than repairing them, though that's rather satisfying on occaision. Choppers, tallbikes, trikes, long bikes, short bikes, experimental bikes, bikes that climb on rocks, yep, like 'em. And we promote liking bikes. All kinds.

Fun is a crucial ingredient.
Sadly, many folks seem to have lost track of this.

We have semi-organized rides on the first Friday of every month, and will until we all die off. We also have rides for peoples' birthdays, bands playing, and try to get out for all the Celtic holidays (speshly Lammas, well, Mayday's cool too, and surely Samhain...). Of course the race is every August, on you guessed it, the first Friday. This year ?

We are so damn cool that we are often invited out of town to participate in mad eventage of the chopperiffic kind. Nice people take pictures and movies of us generally squashing the competition and staying up latest at night finishing all the beers. See the Page-o-Hype for such stuff.

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There are official By-Laws published here. Prospecting is addressed here. There are old and silly rules here. They're all pretty much the same. Rules keep being argued over, and everyone casually has their own interpretations, due in no small part to the ever-increasing resistance to writing shit down or duplicating it.

And drinking is practiced, until we get it just right. Not all of us drink, but most do, and some drink enough for a few. We also practice the noble sport of Mumbledeypeg (spell it however you want) a knife-tossing game, as well as a hearty rendition of rock-paper-scissors known as Ro-Jam-Bo, and you can spell that any way you want, too. And then there's the joust, but I digress. Thumbing is always encouraged, as well. And there is a semi-large contingency (>4 player) of pinball afficianados at times.  Foosball's well represented, but no page yet... Here's a truly weak page of Fun Stuff.

the old sites are always here:

www.abcdzyne.org/dbb/fc/ (ok, there lifted from fc before its demise)
www.geocities.com/deadbabybikes/ (and, well, surely not there anymore...) but then moved HERE! )