How Dead Babies Play with Themselves

Always a favorite activity, the joust is a source of pride, scabs, and soreness for many Babies.  You can read more on our jousting page.  Amazingly, serious injury has so far been avoided.

Our version of Mumbleypeg is NOT about poking yourself in the fingers, as seen here.  It bears greater resemblance to the game discussed here, though without the fancy flicking stuff.  Once we all agree on where or what the heck the batwing is, we'll get a proper page up.  Generally an outdoor game, unless there's a nice hunka wood around.
If there's a pinball machine in the place, a coupla Babies'll probably spend their laundry money in it.  Support for your fellow players is the way to go, talking shit frowned upon.  A recommended favorite haunt is Shorty's, if'n you're not banned for life.
When Babies are over at Tex's/Zak's/the Funhouse there's usually a few willing to play a little HORSE, as they've had a hoop for a while.  There are inevitably serious rules discussions, as well as learning of geographical variances.   Some 1-on-1 tourney rules are here. I hear the Dexter&Hayes has a hoop up as of late?

If you've forgotten your mumbleypeg knife, and have no hoops, quarters, or lances about, you can always play some Ro-Jam-Bo, again, no matter how you spell it. Googling "rock paper scissors" will also get you an astounding array of websites to either gawk at, learn from, or play against, proving once again that lots of folks out there in the world have way too much time.

Dead Babies, as a club, average a haughtily decisive winning record of a tiny bit more than 50% of the time. Some people are just born with it, I guess.










ABCdzyne 03.06.06