There are sooo many people. Some are, were, or plan(ned) to be babies and will buy you a drink every so often. Or spare you a cigarette. This is a list assembled from bits of other lists, which hints to having phone numbers for most of these folk. E-mail the people by clicking on their initials/names. 100 pixel2 pictures are encouraged,, less than 3K, if you ain't got one or want to change, or it's crappy, or you give a damn, e-mail it to 200x300's of you too. Um, pages of bikes you make, get them in.   Click headshots for peoples' web pages.
If *you* aren't linking yet,
FILL IN THE FORM and SUBMIT it to get/alter your page.
and tell PJ I'll get his page up one of these days...


ABCdzyne 05.15.08