Holy Shit, Initiative!

now's the time to read!!

No, now's the time to read!!

Fill in what needs filling  in, and submit at the bottom, reader.

You are about to fill out a form where all of your information will be assimilated.  You will bee-come part of the deadbabybikes.org collective hive.  We may attach initials of yours to your e-mail address on the web.  We will release member information to Club Members and Close Associates only, specifically your digits and e-mail on the upcoming Big List.  The postal address is for a map, a geographical density study, carpools, holiday cards and/or gifts, and if we ever publish something on hard copy and we have to USPS.  It will only be shared with those deemed worthy, no stalkers.  This information culling should secondarily be used to produce your DBB member page, after we get phone digits and e-mail for the Big List.  Fill in as much as you can, and click submit at the bottom.  Your information will distill briefly or longer, we may break out oak casks if it's good stuff, but will be sure to let it steam out the shack, at somewhere near DBB.org headquarters, and, as in a perfect world, should slowly disseminate to the member pages.
All important shit will be destroyed *way before necessary*.
You'll never catch us, Tom Ridge!

By pressing Submit on thia form you will merely send an email to deadbabybikes@hotmail.com,  nothing more.  Please send a 200x300 pixel image to put on your page, too.  And bike pix. And a 100x100 headshot.

Fake input will be ignored (unless it's inspired nonsense).  All input might be confirmed before posted.  All input rides the precarious rim of the shit can.

I don't think you need to worry.

For the masses, what your page will look like:

e-mail a 200x300 pic of yoursel!, once
a separate thing...

Name: Initial:

e-mail addr:
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a blurb about yourself?: (256 characters)

The following boxwa are to help you create some kind of fun-ass biographical shit, because you were so lame writing your own blurb above.  So far these are some of  the subjects I've found most applicable & intriguing, add more below ...

DBBikes "designed/built/engineered/helped" + tales: (512 characters)  v

 Turn Ons: (256 characters)   v

 Turn Offs: (256 characters)   v

v   Websites I'm Famous On: (256 characters)   v

 Websites I Go To Too Much, and want you to, too: (256 characters)   v

Nonsense (256 characters)   v

zodiacal info:
birthday mm.dd.yy: hide Model Year (yy)
DBB Race number:

snail-mail address stays secret, primary phone only to Big List (which is deftly and concernedly distributed), watch out what you say in the "Other Shit" box, it will/may go to your page...  You might want to think up other things to include into the standard data sheet.  Other Playboy peeps have flown things like food, films, beers, dates, TV shows, toys, etc. and that's what 'Other Shit' is for.  E-mail any extra tales to deadbabybikes@hotmail.com. And send a 200x300 picturefor your page, and a 100x100 headshot, too!  Hard drive down...  Secondary fone will be stored on my living hard drive for emergency release purposes only, It'll never reach print.  All optional, of course.
Colors?  Favorites?  Ambitions?  Embarrassing Moments?  Fabulous Moments? Musicians? Sweets?  Salts?  Kinks?  Scents?  All go in 'other shit' until it overwhelms..
The secondary phone only gets to the list if you write it in, rarely.

postal address:
another line (if you need it):
primary phone:
secondary phone:

 Other Shit to Say: (512 characters)   v

remember, nothing's required, we're not big info-whores, secrets are safe,  but....

please, no abuse, once is enough











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