on the left below is an email from denitist/oral surgeon Dr Gary A. Hughes D.M.D, late Thanksgiving night 28 November 2013. After he/they sent the pics after my surgery on the 27th, I made implant0.htm, and asked for his input (non-titanium). He's the fellow in Kingston, not at all the guy killed by his wife in England.

Hello Adam,
I hope you are feeling better today and had a chance to enjoy your Thanksgiving meal.  I really enjoyed your account of your dental implant surgery.  You are a very creative person!

I am responding to your email to try to answer some of your questions.  The instrument I was holding in my left hand to retract the gingival flap is called a Seldin retractor.
The implant you had placed was a Biohorizons 3.8x 12mm tapered internal implant.  They have a nice website you may want to explore.
The chair side dental assistant's name is Joni.  The person who took the pictures on her iPhone is Christine, also a dental assistant.
The gold colored carrier used to place the implant is actually the abutment.  Biohorizons calls it a 3 in 1 abutment because it can be used for 3 different purposes.  It can be used as the impression abutment ( Dr. Evans will use it for that purpose), a temporary abutment (to hold a temporary crown), and the permanent crown abutment (Dr. Evans or his dental lab will shape this abutment, it will be inserted into the internal hex of the implant and fastened with a screw.  Your permanent crown will then be cemented onto the abutment).
The gold colored manhole cover is called the cover screw.

Make sure you direct Dr. Evans to your site.  I sure he will enjoy it as much as I did.
Take care!

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and hello to you Doc,
Feeling "better" certainly, as there's no drilling into my skull since Wednesday, which assuredly helps. Thanksgiving meal was as enjoyable as it could be, figuring out how to painlessly insert everything into my mouth and how to keep stuff out of the front for chewing, which I'm getting really good at these days. A big crunchy crouton taught me that both those are very necessary.

Nice to know the name "Seldin" of the tool, I've been scouring the internet (and gathering all kinds of good stuff) for the soon-to-be seldin.htm page. Slow and steady, as always, it's happening.

Oh boy-oh-boy do I like that Biohorizons website. I've got the catalog PDF with all the tooling and procedure stuff, thinking I'm almost ready to help on your next procedure, now that I know the drill (pun thoroughly intended).

Think I've got Joni and Christine's names in the right places of implant0.htm, now in implant1.htm.

Aha, yes, 3-in-1. So I'll have a gold tooth there for a second? My friend a long time ago in Seattle had one for a short time while he was waiting for his permanent crown I'm thinking?
I'm gonna stick with mini-manhole cover for now.

Determining Doc Evans' e-mail, hmmm... well, I guess I'll call him and ask him for it... I'm sure he'll like it too! Smiles for those who provide them for others!
Take care as well!

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