and why you love her
(and not just because she loves you)

aka "more shirt. better. faster!"

HERE IS a real-big one (image) of her in the portfolio in the photobucket (easily linked to at the small image above) that I shouldn't have even thought about until after I got the proprer link up, where you can mock my fill techniques, or more properly my imprecise magic-wanding, but I know I've got actual transpencies back in PA in an art box, and fine X-acto cut Rubylith fill all proper, and surely a huge-resolution scan of the outline stuck on the big drive, somewhere safe in the two terabytes. Those wings might have been drawn "before" for the Mount-N-Loaf stencils' wing'd loaf, or maybe the pig (flying pig! all hail! that was when the pigpen pig flew!), but they were assuredly all friendly contemporaries. go out and fly together and stuff, y'know?

At last got the résumé moved back to the west coast, in both .htm and a .pdf even, old PageMaker 6.5 finally kicked out a 1-pager with some gentle coaxing and some serious love, and of course the simple-stoopid browser-readable/bot-foiling "encryption" (if you can call it that, even)... just glad I've got the link to the t-shirt page up on the index page!

but right, right already, flying squeegee. flying squeegee likes to go fast, look at the size of those wings! well, she likes to make sure all the ducks are in a row first, a couple of times usually, (shirts in stack, enough ink in screens/mixed!, tape for lint-pulling, Scotch-tape for appearing pinholes [jeez tell me you ran a white something and checked?], tape the crap out of anywhere that's not printing, who cleaned/coated/burnt these screens?) . and when all of that's good, start out slow and easy, but then in practically no time at all when everything's working (like clockwork, mind you) smoothly slowly, the only thing to do is to go FASTER, dwell to 0 if it isn't there already being slowed down for the smoothest flattest white plate ever... and make sure things are flashing proper of course not too much and surely not too little. and I know how you're all frightened "he's condoning just going crazy fast!!" but you can never go fast enough for long enough EVER to not bear the wrath of flying squeegee should you ever misprint, because boy oh boy, you were trying to go too fast too soon. it's a delicate balance, even the plane tries taxi-ing, backwards even, before it ever gets close to the runway for takeoff, where everything's been quintuply checked at least, before you go fast and start flying, right? there'll be plenty of time to run around the press and fine-fiddle with airflow once you've got the taxi-ing down... flying squeegee DOES NOT LIKE misprints one single bit, or not giving a damn about quality in the interest of speed. a half-assed print doesn't make her happy, the printer happy, or the customer, so JUST DON'T DO IT!

and flying squeegee loves and enjoys smoothness. there's not so much concern with "faster!" when you can take your time a little, and be super-smooth, as part of smoothness is certainly about taking your time.

and the mantra is "more shirt. better. faster!" but better comes first, and not just alphabetically. and better's far more complicated (and important!) than faster, encompassing all kinds of other things more than smoothness and ducks-in-row, etc. don't get her started on fancier art, she likes printing the FANCIEST ART! and there's always tighter mesh, more exacting precise control, and the quest for perfection, even beyond those times when no one but you are aware of the "failing" only you can see. the kind of perfection you're looking for is out there where she flies.

links to a nice dozen shirts I've done, and here's some fantastic 4-color process -- I may never go back.

flying squeegee has an undying positive mental attitude, which is always a good thing, and greatly appreciates skills, patience, and thinking things through beforehand, somewhat astoundingly equally. just like Russell Wilson. you know how sad Russell Wilson looks when he's losing (or loses!) a game? (well, not much probably) know that that's how flying squeegee looks when you're not printing your best, or not trying to print better.

copyright ABCdzyne
21 Aug 2014

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