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This is the fab-tastic new :) Dead Baby web experience. Good ole fortune city is kind enough to provide 20 megs of server space (or izzit 100megs now?) for fools like me and you to espouse the biker lifestyle, harmlessly.

Yep, the name's scary I guess, definitely in bad taste, but life is sometimes just that way. Our gruesomeness is never thick as skin-deep, although some of our skins are getting thicker.

We are a social club as threatening as the local Elks Lodge, as diabolically cultish as the Boy Scouts of America. We are dedicated to production of questionably sane, artistic, sometimes elegant, and always functional bicycles from the ever-growing tangled pile of the discarded, unwanted, cast off and abandoned. When the world's given up on a bike, we will carefully saw and hammer the life back in.

So read about choppification, get to the notebooks for basic (and surprisingly complete) instructions. The new crop of prospects has produced several choppers, including the Seat-Post Special, the Bent One, and a big ole Monotube, as well as the Nishigun/Shoshiki aka T-004. It has been upgraded from ultra-rickety to the less severe hyper-rickety through a few well placed welds. Pictures in the cameras. Things develop slowly.

Got your 3-d glasses?

Turn those speakers on folks, midi music fun-fun!

Don't miss the race this year. You have been warned. Friday, August 4, 2000.

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