Nick F
aka Fingers, Figgy (Puddin'), the Dancing Machine

Mmmm, burrito.

I'm only here for the beer
built-one frenchy Motobecane into sturdy chopper.
rebuilt-rudy into big wheel front/small wheel back (and no new pix!}
many other projects touched by my hand-too many to list

Turn Ons: short pleated skirts (on girls only) and chicken wings? Yes, chicken wings mmmmmmmm

Turn Offs: SUV's,high pitched laughs/voices, backwards baseball caps,any politician

Zodiacal Info:Aries, the other white meat  03/27/76

Spare Links:Drunk Cyclist homestar runner

duh,So, it was totally not my fault. I did'nt know the cop was following me for 2 minutes through alley ways and streets in the skids, really I swear officer I was just toddling along on my bike. I did'nt know those red lights meant anything. All of a sudden, WHAM I'm on the ground mutha fucka rammed me from behind. I'm bleedin and shit. BMXers across the street yelling bullshit on the pigs. Bent my wheel and damn I can't believe I still ride on it to this day. Never convicted yessirree









ABCdzyne 03.06.06