1722, from It. portafoglio "a case for carrying loose papers," from porta, imperative of portare "to carry" (see port (1)) + foglio "sheet, leaf," from L. folium (see folio). Meaning "collection of securities held" is from 1930.

straight ripped, quickly consequently credited to etymonline.com, entry portfolio. good stuff.


It'd be odd if you got here through the front page, but you never know, you could have, so I do just want to make sure you've checked the site that this link was an afterthought for, thinking I had "portfolio" all the time
Click the pic, don't be afraid of the lazy design, check out some galleries, 2d and 3d, at least. It's more like taking a tour at the museum, as there's stuff to read all along the way. And so-far uncurated rooms to expand within. On the list, assuredly. Please recycle the wrapper after ingesting the content.

Hey, this is all why the page you're viewing exists. "a little respect, man."  this is how it all started, you see.  IT ALL!

It's all arranged nice and tight-like.

oh, and look how all nerdy I can make the gray box over there. are you guys old enough for Windows 3.1? links worth clicking though (through?).

now I was POV-Raying hard even way back then but never got it exposed to the world until a few years ago, and here's a pic with a link if you didn't click it on the front page silly! good stuff!  >>   povray rulz!

Of course I have my photobucket, as we all should. And stuff I've actually made all through it, as opposed to stuff that I "found" on the web somewhere. I've oft said a 640x480 (web-sized? oh, those were the days!) picture needn't be bigger than 100k, and when photobucket offered uploads to 1Meg per, I jumped at it. Even with the Great Growler Cap Project in full swing, it's still only half full. Or half empty? Undeniably nifty project, take that nifty haters!

Awful lot of deadbabybikes stuff in the folder named so. Lots. Rife with examples of logos, packaging, flyers, t-shirts, web graphics, button art, name it.

lotta good stuff. wherever you look.

Photobucket's great! Get one!

you can look all you want at mine,

but click here to get your own already

view most of mine here

you can save files up to 50 Megs on a SkyDrive. and quite a few it seems. sweet!

Wanting (not needing, mind you) to have a place for files bigger than the 5- 10- 20-Meg attachment limitations current in popular e-mail clients these days, it was discovered that the Windows Live family of "products" has a back-up/archiving webspace for anyone with a hotmail account who asks. A huge-enough for most applications 50M file size lets you get giant stuff web-accessible for everyone everywhere. A SkyDrive of mine is located here. Beware, there's lots of .psd's you'll need Photoshop to open, and they're all using a good portion of the 50M ceiling so may prove slow on the download.

We can all badmouth Microsoft all we want, but everybody knows free stuff is good. So well worth an e-mail or two a month.

la Cinéma

frequent forays into film making

you are cautioned to remain looking at this background only at your own risk

animated gifs
a long way from 40x24(25?) screens full of green-on-black 8x10 pixel character graphics, when I saw my first full color high-res animated gif I just had to start making them myself. really just tiny movies, sometimes but only a few frames.

soon I'll write the page about the stable-full so far, it'll go here.

always liked this stuff, before I knew what it was called. thank you Wacky Packages.

very good for film intros.
and while not strictly very cinematic,
mouse-overs as well. two frames do arguably make a moving picture, however.

and "Drive Your Bike: the Dead Baby Way" is out there, but because of its R-rating, due to as many vulgarities and f-bombs as we could fit in, just isn't ready for primetime playing.

but that was a long time ago, when I thought you might be taken aback. I know better now, so enjoy the foul language today!!

so I bought a camera. and I enjoy taking silly little movies with it, nothing earth-shattering (yet!), not holding breath. someday we'll clean all the rough and find the diamond down there. no one to blame but me for anything you deem pathetic or otherwise subpar within. the prospect training viddys are still in their rawest format.
abcdzyne channel

but then there's the KOTB project, all up in the abcdzyne channel...  look around for some KOTB aka King Of The Bus.

also some clips I helped with @ dbarchivist especially if you looked off the intros I directed above. manufacturer of high-resolution stills for insertion.

soon to be epic
coming "soon" to a screen or wall, maybe even a theater near you. please be patient.

free site disappeared, full of ads, Ive no doubt got all of the content somewhere, maybe on Angelfire? remember angelfire? so yeah, 8 minutes 10 secs of "trailer" or whatever on youtube click the pic... nnngh, production delays...

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