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whats in a word?
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as long as the club has been driven to some multi-illy-defined gathering of nonsense, I suppose too the website should fall to such, but defiantly, refuses.
but on to RideReport 120310
dickens of a time finding Mobius, as if I walked and walked round twice before I found it, always on the same side. finally Savori pointed me in the right direction, savior for me and my future boot soles.
buying me a beer is always a good way to stave off head-punching, but not when letting me have my domain name back could solve it more painlessly.
job-having was the way my conversations went with a great assortment of lovely ladies (thanks for the bag-guarding TT, and a browser-running iPhone RG, where this page looks good!) and Shu (on a comfy comfy couch!), where conversation led to my lack of legal papers so no way to go that north. Cruzan potent rum was shared by most, "cruzan for a boozin'" was popularized. and gosh already, I'm legal to drink, at the site.
so, on to Hooverville. peanut throwing to others mouths was met with suspiscion, derision, and general lacks of trust. crap. plenty of peanuts though. was the RoChamBeau already swinging before? now there's a "fair" playing field, as long as we look each other in the eyes. double rock loses to me considerably more than half the time.
and then to the Mix, where the armpitted beer made it in for seconds. nothing like the fun and freedom of the sidewalk.
I am not Julian Assange.
from SG - really really fun! Good to see you. I almost drank a peanut though
drank keg cup of whiskey at mobius, then proceeded to hooverville for epic peanut fight

well, at least one Baby kicked out the tiniest of ride reports, so guess what?, it made it to the page! thanks SG. and then there's the KO tales of $510 per mile tow charges, but that's some ugly no one wants to hear. "some of my best friends..." are tow truck drivers and all...
and where's my bike-powered Georgetown Beer Wagon? you know, to deliver a fresh growler for my empty, like the milkman. don't leave out the empty, you don't need a full yet. your account will be billed (accordingly, only if you get one!). ...two bikes shadows' on the clouds, still, trying to figure out snow on an object, maybe scale it back in the z-dim, then raise it up a wee bit, color it like snow? seems like it should work. can't get the "field full" crap straight yet though. 13% full for upload... can't I get that scrollbar better looking, skinnier and less pixel-hogging, red & black, anything?